When on the search for a Dj for your wedding or other event there are some key items to consider. First and foremost you want a professional. Your Dj should be fully insured , should have some form of a contract, be able to provide not only reviews but references to past clients. Price is and always will be the deciding factor but it should not be the only one. A low priced Dj is not  always bad and a high priced DJ is not  always good. Make sure you do your homework and that before hiring a Dj or other vendor  meet with a few ,ask questions, and above all don't rush. Ask questions.  Below is a lost and my answers to some questions you may want to ask.

​​What makes you different from your competitors?
All DJ are different and have a different style. I think what makes me different is I am very
flexible and give 110% to every event. I recognize that I am there to make your day go as smooth
and be as memorable as I can in the best way it can be. One way I do this is charge by the
event and not the hour; setting the entire day aside for you and significant other
What do you do to motivate the crowd if nobody is dancing?
There are several things I do or can. Over the years I have learned to read people. I have gotten
on the Microphone to coax people into dancing but that doesn’t always work, usually changing
up the music will do it, or doing a line dance (like the cha cha slide, or electric slide for example)
or I will do a game like musical chairs to get the guests out of their chairs, or all of the above.
There are some guests that getting them to dance can be like getting water from a stone but
usually I do not, or have I had an issue with getting people moving. I have even in the past called
the bride and groom to the floor, and then called the guests out to dance with them. Simple yet
effective and I make it fun
What if something happens to you and you can't make it to the wedding?
I have never missed a wedding, but I work with a number of DJs and if I
absolutely couldn’t make it I have DJs I can call (as they do me) to cover for me. As a
professional I’ve been sick and still gone. (I do however inform the guests not to get too close
because it’s the courteous thing to do). I am 45 and started DJ-ing at 18. I ‘ve been doing
weddings since I was about 21. In my years I have never missed a show.
How do you keep your music selection up to date?
I pay attention to hit list such as Billboard, PANDORA Shazam, and Spotify I am a member
of 5 or 6 different DJ music pools, so I got a lot of my music from them, but I also use Google
play and Amazon. I am also a paid member of a program called content unlimited that when I
have Wi-Fi access gives me access to music I don’t have. I have a 4tb hard drive of music from
old to new, different ethnicities, different genres, it is updated weekly (and sometimes daily)
When do you arrive to set up for our wedding?
If the event has up lighting I arrive at least 3 -4 hours prior, depending in the gear I need to set up
What will you wear to our wedding?
Unless told otherwise I wear a tuxedo,suit  and tie  to every wedding. I go with a black tuxedo and a dress
shirt or dress pants with a dress shirt and a vest with a tie
What do you require from us?
I usually ask for a non refundable deposit and a signed contract (either electronically or in person and when
close to your wedding I have what I call a wedding planner I use to give me all the information I
need to tailor the day to you and your guests once you have filled it out. The biggest ting though is to enjoy your wedding day or event
Do you take any breaks?
No. If I eat I wait until all guests are served, and I eat while I work.
What is your policy on alcohol or smoking during the wedding?
I do not smoke, and I think it is unprofessional to drink while working. I don t do it at my full time job why would I do it at any job. When I DJ even though I love what, I do and it’s a passion
it is still a job that you are paying me to do.
What kind of equipment do you use?

I have top of the line equipment. I use brands such as
Denon, RCF, Mackie and more by Denon. I am constantly upgrading to improve performance
and durability along with reliability. I have over thousands invested in gear that I use, so the list
can get pretty long. Needless to say I use about half my income from my DJ business to invest in
either new or improved equipment.
Do you bring backup equipment with you?
as mentioned above I bring enough for 2 complete systems, (0r more) if setting up two
systems(ceremony) I bring enough that should I have an equipment malfunction there would be
if any downtime very minimal. Being I work in IT and have been DJ-ing for a long time I
understand the importance of redundancy and backups.
Do you set up a sign or banner with your equipment?
No not normally at a wedding. I have in the past, but it was after working with Bride and
Groom. The weddings where I have used a banner were eeply discounted or offered by the Bride
& Groom. Being I work full time to pay my bills it gives me a lot of leeway on my pricing, so I
can cater to the highest priced reception, or the lowest price based on budget. This is an in
addition to your question “what makes me different form other DJs’?”. My price isn’t carved into
stone and can be custom tailored to fit your needs. My Laptop does have a skin (a sticker that
covers the lid of my laptop) though that has my logo on it,
Are we allowed to give you a list of songs we want played as well as song we don't want

Absolutely; I am there working for you. A couple things though that I ask is if it’s a do not play
song can I play it if a guest requests it, or should I have them check with you, or tell them
I can’t or don’t have it, In regard to a request list I ask that you keep in mind it’s a request. I say
this because there are only so many songs that can be played in an hour, I take requests from
your guest throughout the night and ensure that there is no dead air and I try to beat match (mix)
so there is a flawless flow of music. If I am playing your requests and you are the only one
dancing; then I like to be able to switch it up to get people dancing. I once had a bride and groom
give me a list that was all very mellow and low-key music, not energetic music to keep people
dancing. I do however do my best to play as many as possible. I also suggest a must play request
list of 5-6 (give or take) songs. This makes sure the Bride and Groom get to dance to their
favorite songs.
Why are your rates lower or higher  than others?
My rates are priced to pay my bills and still stay competitive , but my service and equipment are top notch. Music and DJ-ing are a passion for me. My fees pay my bills and support my family, even if  its doing something I love to do.  Too many brides book based on price and don’t ask these questions, every bride wants something different, and every DJ has a different style, doesn’t make them a bad DJ if they are not on same page, but does make for a bad or poor event, resulting in a sad or upset bride and a DJ that doesn’t understand why they got a bad review. From experience I
have seen some DJs that charge a low amount do an awesome job, and DJs that charge higher do
a horrible job. Every DJ has a figure he or she needs to make to stay in business. This can be
related to overhead costs, equipment and much more
Will you be my DJ, or do you contract to someone else, or have an employee working for

I am a fully legitimate business, but I do not contract my work out, and I am the sole owner. However as a growing business I may have  someone else do it, but not without your knowledge and with plenty of notice to make sure that DJ is a match for you.
Can I give you a different song for each member or bridal couple of my bridal party for the
Grand Entrance?
Here is the thing, yes and no. Of course, I can do it, but I don’t recommend it.
The reasons are it leaves a lot more room for mistakes. Loading a large number of 10-30 second
clips usually also doesn’t sound good. When I am DJ-ing and doing the MC portion on the mic I
have to say the names, play the music. When loading or switching tracks that quickly on an
introduction it leaves a lot of room for mistakes to be made. I can do up to 4, so maybe 1 for
parents, one for bridal party, one for best man and Maid of honor and one for you. In this case
though sometimes less is better. The other thing to factor in when doing this is the venue and
length of entrance path to sweetheart or head table.